Selasa, Februari 08, 2011

Arghh...So Bored..!!!

  1. Think of your absolute favorite thing to do. For Ex.: playing a musical instrument, cooking, jogging, etc. Do that activity if possible.
  1. Draw a picture. Even if you are not artistically talented, you can draw a funny picture for a friend or to just to cheer yourself up. Another great thing to do with paper is origami. In learning this, you not only releave some boredom, but are also learning a neat skill.
  1. If you own a pet like a dog, take it out for a walk and get some exercise. If you do not own a dog or any kid of pet for that matter, pretend you have a pet and take it out on walks and talk to it. People will give you stange looks which can also be entertaining.
  1. Investing in a bycicle or a pair of roller blades is another great idea. Get out on your bike or blades and get some exercise. The much needed fresh air will lift yur spirits and you won't be in the least bit bored.
  1. Now this is something I personally do when I'm bored, it's even kind of fun. Turn some music on and rearange a room in your house. I like to do this with my bedroom. It gets you moving around and thinking. You are doing something productive and therefore, will be too distracted to be bored.
  1. If all else fails, do something extremely random. Start dancing for no reason, or sing aloud your favorite song. In doing random,funny things, you may even find yourself laughing at yourself. And thus, you are not bored anymore.

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